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We work with individuals and organizations who are interested in understanding what it means to be human. We want parents and educators to know what they can do for their children so that they can have the right start in life. We want to help the government and non-government actors provide its services with more rigor and depth. We want to help you understand life better!

Individual sessions

Individual sessions are specifically designed to address your concerns or areas of interest. These are usually selected by parents when they want to discuss specific issues about their child or want guidance that is tailored to the age and developmental stage their child is going through.

Working with groups

We organize workshops and short courses that aim to help you do a deep dive in a number of concepts related to early childhood development. We break concepts into smaller pieces, so that they can be easily integrated in our daily lives. We are also happy to design workshops for groups of parents/educators that approach us on their own with specific learning needs and interests.

Systems strengthening

We work with policy makers, government officials, NGOs and CSRs working in the field of quality education. The work includes capacity building exercises, design and evaluation of CSR programmes and techinical guidance for ECD programmes.

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