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Moolgami Prakashan is a small publication that develops books on various interesting topics in the area of education.   We publish books on insightful topics that we believe must reach the Marathi readers, including parents, teachers and children.

To order any of our books:

This is not a book store in the traditional sense. We look after this section while managing our other professional engagements.  Hence, your patience during the process of ordering the books is highly appreciated.


1. Please get in touch with us at

2. Let us know what titles you are interested in and the desired location for the delivery (please mention the PIN code).

3.  We will let you know the total along with the postage. We will share the bank details with you for you to transfer the total amount.

4. Once you make the payment thought NEFT, please share the details with us. (We do not use Gpay) 

5. The books will be shipped within 10-12 days after the payment.

Soonrita Sahasrabuddhe

मोठ्यांसाठी 'बाळ'भारती​ I Mothyansathi 'Bal'bharati

Author: Soonrita Sahasrabuddhe

Price: INR 125 + postage

During every waking moment, the baby's brain is busy learning about the world around us. The experiences we get in our earliest years have the power to impact our adult lives. This can be a little difficult to grasp! However, this book beautifully illustrates the science of Early Childhood Development through day to day examples. For the parents and caregivers of young ones, this becomes an insightful read that helps them navigate the the daily challenges.

Varsha Sahasrabuddhe

मुलांची भाषा आणि शिक्षक I Mulanchi Bhasha ani Shikshak

Author: Krishnakumar

Translation: Varsha Sahasrabuddhe

Price: INR 125 + postage

Language development is a crucial element of children's overall development. A hinderance in this process can affect other areas of development too. This book offers beautiful insights into children's journey of being literate. It talks about the science of language development while also considering the realities of our world- the issues around access and inclusion of children from underprivileged communities into the public and private schools and the limitations of the Indian education system. The knowledge, warmth and concern in Krishnakumar ji's writing makes this into a treasured piece for the reader.

Varsha Sahasrabuddhe

अभ्यास-आनंद I Abhyas - Anand

Author: Varsha Sahasrabuddhe

Price: INR 100 + postage

This books consists of 50+ activities for children aged 5-10 years that can be used in community based classes that regularly have to face a number of challenges. May it be learning to support children who are first generation learners or logistical issues such as inadequate classroom space, limited resources and so on. This activity bank is best suited for teachers and parents.

Varsha Sahasrabuddhe

​टिपिक पॉं भर्र I Tipik Pom Bharr

Author: Varsha Sahasrabuddhe

Price: INR 100 + postage

This book consists of five stories- Phugla Tumm, Paas ki Napas, Mi Sapdawla Ahe, Tipik Pom Bharr and Ashi Pana Tashi Pana. These small stories are based on learning experiences that respect children's innate need to explore and their commitment to learning about the world around them.

Varsha Sahasrabuddhe

कलू, सुंगू आणि पगूची गोष्ट​ I Kalu Sungu ani Paguchi Goshta

Author: Varsha Sahasrabuddhe

Price: INR 25 + postage

This small story about Kalu, Sungu and Pagu, characters from a tribal area in Maharashtra, aims to give a glimpse of their world to urban children who do not know how this world looks like. While the young reader learns about this new world, the book also offers spaces for the child to engage in meaningful activities.


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