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Who we are


At The First Three we passionately work towards ensuring that all the little ones around us, that we love so dearly, get the right start in life. With a strong academic background in child development and substantial experience of working with the young ones and their parents in  various settings in India and abroad, our team of experts in early childhood development offers spaces and services to ensure the best first three years of your child’s life.


About the founder

Soonrita Sahasrabuddhe

Soonrita Sahasrabuddhe

Early Childhood Development Specialist

Commonwealth Scholar, UK

Associate Fellow of the Royal Commonwealth Society

Soonrita is a Commonwealth Scholar who holds a Master of Science degree in Child Development. She completed her postgraduate degree in the UK. Soonrita is one of those people whose eyes instantly light up at the sight of a little one!  She has spent the past few years working with babies, parents and other caregivers in different settings in India and abroad. She has also worked as an Education Officer with UNICEF India and handled the early childhood education portfolio for Maharashtra. She has gained invaluable experience by working in various scenarios ranging from underprivileged communities to well-resourced, highly educated young parents, and from orphanages to research labs . With the highly talented, spirited, knowledgeable and grounded soul that she is, she has a lot to offer to make the world of the little ones a more meaningful place!

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What do we do?

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