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The Infant Exploratory Centre





For a baby, the world is an enchanting new place. They want to learn about it. Every tiny detail of the processes around them is a fresh piece of information:


Ah! The wind blows...!


Uh oh! Grandma makes a loud sound while sneezing...! 


A ball rolls...! 


Some things break...! And something hurts...! Every moment is a new learning opportunity.


When a child is at play, she is actually at work. She is learning about numerous things. She is learning to solve problems, she is building emotional bonds, she is associating cause with effect, she is also noticing the properties of various objects around her. The child is curiously forming an understanding of the world she is slowly becoming familiar with.


Our brain creates new neural connections with every new piece of information. Considering that the brain architecture develops most rapidly in the first three years of life, it becomes crucial that we ensure that our young ones’ lives are filled with varied experiences.

How do we do that?


At the infant exploratory we invite you to come in with your infant or toddler and join us for a play session. Each session will be a new learning experience with interesting learning tools and activities for you and your child to play with. The child psychologists in our team will play along with you, giving you insights to enable you understand how your little one is growing, what stage  of development she is at, what ‘scaffolding’ means, what scaffolding involves for your child based on their age, and other individualized, tailored information. With 100+activities available for the under-threes at the Infant Exploratory Centre, you would also be able to gain a perspective about how you can follow many of these activities in your home.


We are confident that these sessions hosted at The First Three will give you an insight into the wonderful process learning is and empower you as parents and caregivers to ensure the best learning atmospheres for your little ones.


Individualized guidance for you and your baby

Guidance about how to support your baby’s learning 

New activities in each session

Hour-long sessions

Age group of babies: 0 to 3 years

Prior appointment is necessary

Activities covering 

all domains of

development :






Sessions as per the baby's convenience!


Duration : one hour


Reserve your spot! 


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