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Individual Consultation

When recruiting for any job we expect the candidate to possess relevant training and skill set. But for a job as important as that of a parent or that of a primary caregiver, how prepared are we? As parents hold their little bundle, they promise to make their child’s life perfect.


We would love to be a part of your journey!


At The First Three we believe that if parents can gain some understanding, 

rooted in updated scientific research, about how a child develop, it helps them

parent more effectively. We all make huge sacrifices and go to great effort to ensure

that our children have healthy and prosperous lives. Guidance, when grounded

in research and available at the right time, gives a meaningful direction to these efforts.


We invite you to join us in exploring this beautiful yet challenging journey called

parenting that you have embarked on or are about to begin. After all, to invest a little

time in understanding how the world looks like for our little ones is to say “I love you!” to them in the most beautiful way possible!


We organize individual guidance sessions at a mutually convenient time to discuss any specific area of interest, questions, concerns you may have. After all, every little one comes with his or her own operating manual! In these sessions we get an opportunity to discuss ways to support your child's development considering all the important factors like your parenting style, daily routines, family support structure and challenges. We are a call away!

If you are not in Pune, we could set up a Skype session or a telephonice session too!


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